Munich, the 7th and the 8th of April 2016,

The ATLASS partners were holding a an Executive Board meeting and a Steering Committee in conjunction with the LOPE-C (International Exhibition and Conference for the Pinted Electronics Industry). LOPE-C is the event for the printed electronics industry. It combines technology and business. It is the leading global platform in the sector and provides support in every aspect of the industry, from research to application. 

As LOPE-C (see LOPE-C website) is a major Printed Electronics events, all the members of the members of the consortium attended to the Exhibition and to some Conferences. Likewise, many partners of the project had a booth (Merck Chemicals, Thinfilm, VTT, In-Core Systèmes and CEA).

This Exhibition was the occasion for each partner to disseminate their knowledge to the industrial and scientifc community and to communicate around the ATLASS project.

That's why for this event, the consortium unvealed the ATLASS Flyer.


  • 1-logo.MERCK_Magenta_RGB.png
  • 2_Logos_cealiten.png
  • 3_Logos_piezotch (2).png
  • 4_Logos_joanneum.png
  • 5_Logos_vtt.png
  • 6_Logos_amo.png
  • 7_Logos_grt.png
  • 8_Logos_incore.png
  • 9_Logos_flexenable.png
  • 10_Logos_tue.png
  • 11_Logos_afficient.png
  • 12_Logos_thinfilm.png
  • 13_Logos_concept.png
  • 14_Logos_shadow.png