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The H2020 project that will bring new printed electronics technology to European consumers, markets and industries.




Bringing intelligence and communication to everyday objects is a major challenge for future electronics. This “Internet Of Things” is emerging as the most recent technological and economic revolution, and has only started. However to reach its full potential the IOT (Internet Of Things) more and more objects (even the simplest and smallest ones) must acquire “sense and communication abilities” to interact with their environment such as human beings.

In order to bring sensing and communication to objects, and enable the vision of large, flexible smart surfaces, new sensor systems with addressing matrices and circuits are needed. This new class of electronics should provide high definition and good sensing resolution and it should be large-area, robust, flexible and low-cost. These requirements can only be fulfilled by TOLAE (Thin, Organic and Large Area Electronics) technologies based on multifunctional printable materials that can be fabricated with high throughput processes on large-area foil substrates.

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ATLASS Kick-off

19 March 2015


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